Quantitative Modeling in Finland


In March 2013 I completed an Erasmus Intensive Programme that took place at the Oulanka Research Station in Kuusamo, Finland. The programme was entitled, “A Quantitative Approach to Psychological Processes: Modeling, Testing, and Fitting”. This seminar united students from thirteen European universities with the common goal of understanding and applying mathematical and computational modeling to the field of psychology. During this ten day seminar, we learned to program in R, were exposed to the complexities of machine learning (e.g. support vector machine), and gained knowledge about Bayes’ theorem as well as a variety of diffusion and decision models.

In addition, this program allowed for us to engage in an interactive and multicultural environment that allowed us to critically read literature and critique common statistical practice in the psychology discipline. The topics covered during this seminar are ones that are often not included in a master’s curriculum. Overall, this experience helped me gain some unique knowledge, to polish my problem solving skills, and to prove to myself that I can handle being exposed to the elements! This experience will ultimately serve me well as I further my involvement in the field of research.



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