Writing Center Tutoring


Since September 2007, I have been employed at Endicott College as a writing center tutor. As an undergraduate I held a position as a peer tutor and worked with students in one-on-one and group conferences. After graduating in 2010, I was promoted to a professional tutor position. Along with my co-workers I worked to accomplish the writing center’s main goal of improving students’ overall writing process. The writing center is a neutral, student-oriented space that directs its focus away from editing. This atmosphere offers students the ability to learn techniques that can be applied to future assignments, not just the paper they are currently working on.

While working at the writing center, I presented at the Northeast Writing Center Association (NEWCA) conference in both 2010 and 2012. The first presentation was entitled, “‘I’m a really terrible writer’: A look at how students’ self-efficacy affects writing self-image,” and presented findings from my undergraduate senior thesis project. This conference took place at Boston University in Boston, MA, and I was the first peer tutor from Endicott to present individually at NEWCA. In 2012, she presented as part of a group in a presentation entitled, “The ground beneath our feet: Institutional design and writing center professionalization” at St. John’s University in Queens, NY.

Working in the writing center environment for over five years has helped me to hone my own writing skills, to effectively communicate with others, and to master multiple citation methods. I consider myself an APA wizard and find great joy in compiling reference pages. It is safe to say that my writing center work will continue to influence me throughout my research career. 


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